Terms and Conditions


1. Loss of Customer Data.

It is important to make regular backups of your device while it is in working condition. We offer a backup service at a nominal fee, however, this is not always successful if the unit is faulty. CellTech will not be held responsible for the loss of any data and/or custom firmware or other applications that are loaded on the device as these can be lost during a repair. If you require software updates we only use original Apple firmware.

1.1. Backups of data can only be made in store.
1.2. Backups can take up to 5 hours, therefore your device would be kept at CellTech until such time as the backup is complete.

2. All of our quotes are valid for 7 working days, thereafter quotes are subjected to change.

3. Repairs are guaranteed (parts and labour) for a period of three to six months depending on the grade of parts that you have requested to use, as CellTech offers various grades of replacement parts. The guarantee is valid from the date of collection. In the case of identified liquid damage to the device, the repair will be guaranteed for one month only.

4. CellTech will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the repair of the device as specified herein.

5. Devices which are not collected within two months or sixty days of notification to collect may be sold by CellTech to defray expenses.

6. CellTech is not responsible for any loss or damage to property. If a short circuit occurs during any form of repair on your cellular device, whereby the device goes dead, fingerprint reader stops functioning, home button no longer functions or any other unforeseen circumstances occur, we take no responsibility. Repairs are done at your own risk.

7. Call out fees apply on Mobile Service Repairs, even in the case where there has been an unforeseen fault after the initial repair, and you require one of the CellTech Technicians to come out again.

8. All devices are sealed internally with CellTech Void stickers, any tampering whatsoever will result in your warranty and guarantee being voided.

9. Payment is required before the cellular device is released on callouts / mobile repairs.

10. Please make sure that you receive your Digital invoice Via Email or WhatsApp as soon repair is complete.

No invoice, No warranty.